The Power of One

Her name was Korbel (rhymes with “warble”). It was her surname, the name she insisted she be called. Even as a small child I knew this was unusual. I once asked, and she answered that she’d no use for her given names, Edna Violet. Sixty-ish and gray-haired, Korbel was the formidable figure of a woman […]

Rypinski + Radio

Got family folklore? Read about mine, in this edited version of a story about my grandfather M. C. Rypinski,  first published in longer form in 2002 by my mother, Frances. He died too soon, before I could know him. Also, of interest to early radio geeks. Based upon an Interview with Robert Rypinski by his […]

Making a Thing

… is what daughter Kit calls it when she texts whatever she’s working on. Kit has been Making a Thing since she could toddle. It started with 2D scribbles before pre-school. Soon she would cover dozens of pages of paper with detailed little characters. Her preschool teacher Miss Patty was so excited about the dinosaur […]

Betty in Red

May 24th was my mother-in-law’s 91st birthday—the first one that her sons and her Texas grandkids have spent without her. The last survivor of  her parents, siblings, and husband Oliver, Betty Jane Jeanneret Pfeil passed away on September 25th, 2013.  I met Betty not long after my husband David and I began dating. The days of […]

Mamma Mia

Every few years, I like to thank my original Valentine for having me (and having my back) on my birthday. Can’t let 2/14/14 pass without another shout out. My mother Frances didn’t resemble the archetypal TV mother & housewife circa 1955-60. No — she wasn’t the Donna Reed single-strand-of-pearls type. She was a bit more Technicolor […]