To family, friends, and other passengers on this mothership we call Earth, made ever smaller by the Internet:

In 2011, I grudgingly got a Facebook account, so I could stay informed about an upcoming event. At first I felt totally besieged by alerts and comments flooding my email inbox. As a person who values privacy, I teetered on the edge of my comfort map the first time a Facebook “friend” popped up to chat with me at 1 a.m.

Since then, I’ve become comfortable if not hugely adept with social media. Working from home, I appreciate the ease with which I can connect with others, via these brief but meaningful exchanges.

I also like to write. I have experiences I need to reflect upon, stories I want to share. My path has led me to a place where I’m too busy to write long letters or keep a journal as I once did. This blog might be my new journal, which is not hidden or locked away from prying eyes. Conversely, a potentially unlimited number of people have the key. This doesn’t scare me. Much.

Why “said-the-apple-to-the-tree”? Let’s just say, the personal recollections and musings that are presently knocking around my head concern my personal history and clan. Frankly, it’s the first name that came into my head. I figured if I didn’t run with it, I might never start. I don’t consider myself a blogger so much as a historian. I’m that person who never tires of hearing other people’s stories and rifling through their old photos. This is as convenient a venue as any, to gather and keep mine safe. Hopefully, this blog will bite me on the ankles until I feed it on a regular basis. Bear with me.



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