The More I See You; a video tribute

My husband, David, performed his usual magic, with a little help from Final Cut Pro and one of my father’s favorite songs—The More I See You—to bring about this pictorial tribute to my father, Douglas Laurence. It was shown for the first time on his birthday, December 16, 2012, to a small gathering of friends and fellow residents, where my father had lived for the past six years. Oh, and I helped a bit, too… selecting and scanning a few dozen photos, some of which made the final cut.

Dad, this final tribute is for you, with our respect & love.


2 thoughts on “The More I See You; a video tribute

  1. That is so sweet! Well done, D.O.. What a great tribute to a great guy, huh? I’m glad you found some pics of his B17 days, although I remember he wasn’t all that keen on talking about his experiences there. Pretty dashing pose in his flight suit! And what a treat to see the pic from youse guyz’ wedding, with CSL, Jack, Laila, les freres Pfeil & the folks — a nice blast from the past.

    love you guys ====> Darren & Gaye

  2. This is absolutely fantastic, and a wonderful, loving tribute to the life and times of your Dad. Thank you and David! I saw pictures of Doug, my Dad, and Aunt Jean I had never seen before. I guess the first picture also included Doug’s Father too?

    Lee and I send our love to you, David, your Mom and the rest of your family. Tom Summers

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